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  We do our utmost to provide reliable products for customer satisfaction, by our policy "Quality First".


Asakawa has always invested a great deal of effort into the development of new products and the improvement of our technology since the company was established as a manufacturer of fasteners in 1946.

Asakawa developed deformation processing technology, centered on cold forging processing and established a comprehensive production system that includes heat treatment and coating, very early on. Asakawa responds to the requirements of customers and supplies fasteners and other parts essential for engines and underbody of vehicles and industrial equipment, which require high quality and high performance. In this way, Asakawa contributes to the development of industry as a leading manufacturer.

Asakawa is expanding from being a manufacturer of fasteners to a comprehensive metal parts manufacturer in order to meet customer requirements which are becoming increasingly diverse and global. Asakawa strives to meet the expectations of customers by making great efforts in order to supply products with higher quality and at lower prices through the application and enhancement of our established deformation processing technology and development of new technologies including taking on the challenge to create new materials. I would be grateful if you would continue with your patronage of Asakawa.

    Tatsuhiko Asakawa
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