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  1946 Founded as Nomikawa Screw by Mr.Rinjiro Asakawa in Tokyo
  1962 Completed Yokohama factory as Asakawa’s main factory in Nippa,
    Yokohama City, installed the large-sized nut and header forging
    machines, expanded cold forging operation
  1967 Installed automatic zinc plating equipment for completing a
    "consistent production system"
  1969 Installed new hot nut forging machine at Yokohama factory
  1970 Completed Kawawa factory in Tuzuki,Yokohama City, installed
    and concentrated plating facilities
  1980 Installed the first warm former facilities in Japan at Yokohama factory
  1981 Completed Kofu factory in Nakakoma, Yamanashi-Pre, and expanded
    machining and heat treatment facilities
  1993 Established a sales subsidiary company named "ASF" in Indiana
    States, U.S.A. as a first step for globalization
  1995 Established Thai Asakawa CO.,LTD, the joint venture as the manufacturing
    subsidiary in Thailand
  1997 Qualified as FQA Experiment station and ISO9001
  2002 Qualified QS9000 at Thai Asakawa
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