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Quality control


Product introduction

Quality control

1.Quality control system

Aiming the full guarantee of our product, Asakawa established the consistent and severe quality control system, all through the manufacturing.

◆Torque tension tester

2.Testing and Inspection facilities

(1)Development,reliability evaluation equipment
 a)Torque tension tester
 b)Fatigue tester
 c)Tensile and compress tester
 d)Rotary loosing tester
 e)Guide nature evaluation examination machine
 f)Salt spray tester
 g)Strain meter(static/dynamic) tester

(2)Inspection and measurement facilities
 a) Quality control recorder
 b)Metal microscope
 c)Profile measuring machine
 d)Stereo micro scope
 e)Tool micro scope
 f)Ultra Sonic tough tester


 ◆Fatigue tester

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